Living with Hemophilia LIVING WITH HEMOPHILIA Hemophilia is a lifelong, chronic and severe disease from birth. Persons with hemophilia often grow up with all the complications and the difficulties of a rare condition. In Read More
How is it Treated? The Medical Treatment of Hemophilia Clotting Factor Replacement Therapy – infusion (injection into the bloodstream) of factor VIII or IX concentrates, or other blood products to facilitate Read More
Causes and Symptoms of Hemophilia What Is Hemophilia? Hemophilia is an inherited bleeding disorder in which a person lacks or has low levels of certain proteins called “clotting factors” and the blood doesn’t clot properly as a Read More
Inherited Plated Disorders Platelets are small cells that circulate in the blood. They are involved in the formation of blood clots and the repair of damaged blood vessels. When a blood vessel is injured, platelets stick to Read More
Prophylaxis Prophylaxis is the regular infusion of clotting factor concentrates in order to prevent bleeding. The idea of prophylaxis came from the observation that people with moderate or mild hemophilia (who Read More
Inhibitors Inhibitors are a serious medical problem that can occur when a person with hemophilia has an immune response to treatment with clotting factor concentrates. The immune system defends the body from Read More
Carriers and Women with Hemophilia For many years, people believed that only men could have symptoms of hemophilia and that women who “carry” the hemophilia gene do not experience symptoms themselves. We now know that many Read More
What is Hemophilia WHAT IS HEMOPHILIA? Hemophilia is a rare, in-born, life-long congenital bleeding disorder, affecting mostly males. Due to a defective gene, the body of a person with hemophilia does not produce Read More