was originally formed in 1993 by persons with hemophilia, their family , medical professionals. These families held monthly meetings called “Mothers classes”. It was originally registered with the SEC in 1994 as the Hemophilia Association of Parents for Love and Service, (HAPLOS) Inc. In 2001 the name was changed to HEMOPHILIA ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILIPPINES FOR LOVE AND SERVICE (HAPLOS) FOUNDATION, INC. together with amendments to its By-Laws to confirm its being a Foundation, a Non-Stock and Non-Profit Organization.

From the original members of parents, their children with hemophilia and some hematologists from the Philippine Society of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, the Association’s membership expanded to include other family members and carers, volunteers, advocates, medical and paramedical practitioners and contributing sustaining members who desire to help in the cause for hemophilia care.

It was established to help persons with hemophilia (PWH) attain a better quality of life and be meaningful contributors to the greater good of the Filipino. HAPLOS programs are aimed to enable Persons with Hemophilia (PWH) to be physically active, mentally sharp, emotionally healthy, spiritually strong and socially involved.

During the first ten years, the governance of HAPLOS had been a joint undertaking of parents and the doctors. In the next ten years, the patients and parents handled the affairs of HAPLOS while the doctors had a supportive role through the Philippine National Hemophilia Center Foundation (PNHCF).

Starting in 2013, HAPLOS have agreed to fully undertake the role of PNHCF into its operations. By 2016, HAPLOS has already consolidated this function previously done by PNHCF into HAPLOS through its the Medical Affairs Committee. Notwithstanding this functional integration, HAPLOS remains as a Patient Driven and Centered Organization with an independent Medical Affairs group within its organization.