Mission and Vision

THE MISSION OF HAPLOS – What is our purpose for being?

We exist to “Identify, nurture, enable, empower and sustain persons with hemophilia and related bleeding disorders so that they are able to care for themselves and serve others.”

(To provide the Person with Hemophilia and his family a community environment that fosters a socio – emotional support system as a way to attaining a better quality of life.)


  • To foster the care, management and better understanding of hemophilia and inherited bleeding disorders by making available support, treatment and basic education to people with hemophilia and their families.
  • To develop programs that will educate, enable and empower the person with hemophilia to take care of himself, be a support to others and be able to contribute to the wellbeing of the community itself.
  • To sustain the Foundations’ capability through advocacy, networking, partnerships, alliances, financial sourcing and government support.

THE VISION OF HAPLOS – What do we want to be?

Our vision is “An Empowered, Caring and Serving Hemophilia Community”

A community of empowered, caring and serving persons with hemophilia.