Our Philosophy

An individual person with hemophilia like any other human person is not an island. By his nature he needs to relate with others like him. More importantly a person with Hemophilia has needs which are specific for persons with afflictions like medical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social. The fundamental role of HAPLOS is to provide this environment of a caring and loving community.

We therefore give great efforts into our Community Building Programs. These efforts are even made very critical because at this time, proper treatment and care for hemophilia are lacking in the Philippines. Factor replacement therapy is very expensive and beyond the reach of most of our members. Presently, needed Factor Concentrates are substantially supplied by humanitarian aids.

A Person with Hemophilia, no matter what his physical health condition maybe, still has hemophilia. He is still not like anyone else. He will have a natural desire to be with others who are similarly situated as he is. He needs a community. That is what HAPLOS is all about, a community.

The way of life we are trying to live out is embodied in the following declarations:
“Living Beyond Limits” and
“Living for Others”

A state of awareness about hemophilia, acceptance of the fact that we have life long disorder and we are able to live with it.

Living Beyond LimitsWe overcome our limitations and we strive to be physically active, mentally sharp, emotionally healthy, spiritually strong and socially involved. Thus we are enabled and empowered to care for ourselves and for one another.

Living for others
As individuals and as a Community, we grow to being empowered, inspired, and grateful. Our self awareness and gratifications move us to reach out to others and help those who likewise need help and inspiration, namely the poor and the sick.